When an individual realises they are the victim of fraud, the consequences surpass the obvious financial loss and often cause severe emotional distress both for the victim and their family.

Unfortunately the investigation of fraud is rarely a policing priority, and with the onset of the public spending cuts, police forces across the UK now have to decide carefully what incidents they attend and what type of crime they can afford to investigate.

Conversely professional fraudsters are not constrained by budgets and have unlimited resources, and are well equipped to stay one step ahead of the authorities. Fraudsters are creative by nature and are only limited by their imagination.

The downturn in the UK economy provides the motive for more people to commit more fraud.

Some people feeling the "pinch" will be tempted to act dishonestly to make ends meet, whereas professional fraudsters steal other people's money for a living.

Foreland Consulting was established in 2010, and is a professional private investigation and process serving firm based in Ramsgate that operates across East Kent.

We are members of World Association of Professional Investigators and the UK PI Network.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner and “police checked” by Disclosure Scotland.

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